Sermon Graphics Package

Church budgets are notoriously tight, but sermon graphics are a first step in connecting your congregation with your sermon. 

There are thousands of pre-made images that you could use in your worship services, but wouldn’t you rather have something created specifically for your church? 

These images are designed to inspire your visitors and bring a sense of creative cohesiveness to every corner of your church from bulletins to social media channels. We blend images, textures, fonts, and gradients to create a visual guide to your message.



Want to know more? 

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How does it work?

2. We create a customized visual to complement your message

  1. Submit your sermon series information

3. Receive your new graphics in less than 72 hours


*All submissions made after hours will roll into the following business day to allow adequate time for our designers. Weekly changes should be submitted by Thursday of each week. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround for a new sermon series?

We have a 72-hour policy on all new sermon graphics creation in order to accommodate multiple clients needs. All submissions made after hours will roll into the following business day, to allow adequate time for our designers. 

Can I make revisions throughout the week?

We have set up this program with the hope of making everything perfect for you on the first try, but if you would like any changes, one round of revisions is included in the standard monthly price apart from text corrections. 

Do the graphics change from week to week?

We make changes from week to week. Those changes include that week’s sermon title, dates, scripture reference, or locations. 

How do I download the graphics?

We will have a dedicated DropBox folder for your church that will store all past graphics along with all future ones at no additional cost to you.