Personable. Authentic. Flexible.

When we first began discussing the idea of launching a business, we knew there were several virtues that we wanted to uphold. We had both dealt with companies in the past that put a bad taste in our mouths, so we set out to handle things differently. There are three words that we desperately try to live up to in every relationship with our clients: personable, authentic, and flexible. 

Personable is the first word that both of us agreed on because we genuinely like people. We love to hear their stories, and we love to know what makes them excited to get up in the morning. We genuinely enjoy connecting with other people, and we love to make them laugh. So, with every client we have, we try to develop those kinds of relationships. 

Our second word that bubbled to the surface is authentic. The two of us are true INFJs at heart, and we both tend to cringe at elaborate sales pitches and unrealistic promises. We try to shy away from typical business jargon, and we seek to be honest with our clients about ourselves, deadlines, and expectations. 

And lastly, we strive to be as flexible as possible. Yes, we are a business and have financial needs to be met. However, when a majority of our clients are small to medium-sized churches, we understand how tight budgets can become. We have been under those budget constraints ourselves during our own time in ministry. So, while it may not always be possible, we try to be flexible. We try to offer discounts where we can and adjust packages when needed. 

Our Quality Guarantee:

  • no additional costs
  • timely turnaround
  • easily accessible
  • no outsourcing