New and Noteworthy: Week Three

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June has been a chance to explore some newer video equipment on the blog. There is never a lack of new pieces of video equipment hitting the market, so it has been nice for us to take a moment to highlight some of these newer releases. On our first week we took some time to explore the details of the Osmo Pocket, which is a compact 3-axis stabilized handheld camera. Last week we switched gears to look at a compact motorized slider. We explored the best features of the Rhino ROV Pro and even gave some minor details about the Rhino ROV Mobile. So, today, we are looking at a new action camera from a company that we have come to greatly appreciate.  

So, with that said, next up is the Osmo Action. The Osmo Action is a miniature action camera that is a direct competitor with the GoPro HERO7. It is the most recent release of everything we’ve covered with its release only being in May of this year.  


So, what should you know about the Osmo Action? 


-Dual screens

-ISO range for photo & video: 100-3200

-Custom exposure settings

-Voice control

-Waterproof at depths up to 11 meters

-Battery life: 135 minutes in 1080p, 63 minutes in 4K

-8x slow motion


Where It Excels

Quality of Footage

We have covered several DJI products in the past, and one thing that is consistent is the quality of footage their products provide. This might be the first action camera that DJI has produced, but they have been in the drone and gimble game for quite some time. As a result, the Osmo Action does provide some pretty impressive footage. It has a wider field of view than the GoPro HERO7, and thanks to its ISO capabilities, it manages to do fairly well in low-light settings. The smoothness of their footage is a major strength and something we will continue to discuss below, and the noise difference in the background footage is significantly more controlled than it is with the GoPro HERO7. 

By the way, you might get tired of comparisons to the GoPro HERO7 in this post, but GoPro is pretty much the golden standard in the action camera niche. While not the only action camera out there, their products are the ones to beat. 


If we are going to talk about the aspect where the Osmo Action truly shines, then we have to talk about stabilization. Osmo markets it as RockSteady, and any YouTube video you can find of people testing this product attests to the accuracy of that marketing statement. As I mentioned above, Osmo has been in the gimble and stabilization industry for a long time, and they have managed to incorporate that technology into the Osmo Action. Even under heavy action circumstances, their footage remains remarkably smooth, and it blows away its main competitors (the GoPro HERO7 and the Sony FDR-X3000) in this area.  


The Osmo Action makes its name in this area because of its stabilization, but Osmo has worked hard to make it user friendly. The dual screens make it convenient for selfie mode in addition to the normal view behind the camera. The screen on the back is a touch screen, where you can adjust lighting and save your configurations. It features voice activation for starting and stopping recordings, switching screens, and other such features. It also tries to make it easy to switch between photo, video, timelapse, etc. with a Quick Switch button on the side. There are some small quibbles to be had with it lacking a direct streaming option to social media, but overall, Osmo has made this action camera incredibly user friendly. 

Price Point

The Osmo Action finds its price point at $349, which is noticeably $50 cheaper than the GoPro HERO7.  

In conclusion, the Osmo Action is a remarkably good first attempt at an action camera from Osmo. It has some key strengths specifically in usability and stabilization, and the decision to include a small front screen was wise. Expect to see even more improvements in future additions, but for now, it provides a different, slightly cheaper option to the GoPro HERO7. 

Next week we’ll move on to a whole new topic, but if you have any questions about videography, feel free to check out our website here.

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