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Mollie Beach - Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Mollie started out as a teacher wannabe, obtaining her degree from Valdosta State University in Middle Grades Education with an emphasis in social studies and mathematics. As time passed, Mollie realized she loved a lot of creative and media oriented things even more than teaching. So, she and Jonathan started The Digital Shore in 2015, and they have been drinking inordinate amounts of coffee and helping clients ever since. She puts her writing skills to use every day as the Editor-In-Chief of The Digital Shore, and when she’s not designing or writing, Jonathan has to listen to her many ideas of how to make The Digital Shore bigger and better. 

In her spare time, Mollie loves to watch as many movies as possible and travel. She might not be very southern at heart, but her southern roots show through with her immense love for the city of Atlanta and Disney World. 

Feel free to email her any questions, concerns, or random comments to

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Jonathan Beach - Co-Founder

While his sister, Mollie, likes to refer to him as the "Creative Kingpin," Jonathan prefers the more humble term of "Creative Chief," which distances himself from any mafia references that might arise from his deep set love of Italian food. Jonathan received his degree from Valdosta State University in Mass Media with an emphasis in video production. Jonathan worked as a CTO for a short amount of time before figuring out that he would much rather work for himself; thus, The Digital Shore began. Since that day, Jonathan spends most of his time talking to clients, designing endless amounts of graphics, and drooling over his new Mac computer. He also does things like shoot and edit video footage. He dreams of a day when he can figure out how to do all of his work from one of the many Starbucks in Disney World. 

In his spare time, Jonathan likes to release his inner nerd, where he might indulge in watching Star Wars, multiple episodes of Top Gear, or Jurassic Park for the hundredth time. If he’s not doing that, then expect him to be reading up on the latest and greatest tech announcements.

Jonathan is fairly accomplished at answering emails, so feel free to contact him anytime at



Interested in joining the TDS Team? 

We’re not currently looking to fill any specific positions, but we are always on the lookout for new creative talent. 

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